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PP&C can make a piece of furniture with just a picture and the size needed. It may start as a swab of fabric and an idea, and before you know it, a piece of custom-made furniture. While the price may be a bit more than store bought the quality, craftsmanship and level of customization possible cannot be matched.

Our Services

Solid wood, bench made furniture construction

  • Chairs - lounge chairs, club chairs, barrel chairs, swivel chairs, dining room chairs, host/hostess chairs, bedroom chairs, armless chairs

  • Sofas - sleeper sofas, love seats

  • Beds - day beds, Full/Twin/King/Queen headboards and beds

  • Benches - bedroom benches, ottomans of all shapes and sizes


Stain proofing

  • We use quality stain proofing that is non-water soluble. This product will last through 3 or 4 professional "wet" cleanings & will not change the color or texture of the fabric.


Cushion production

  • New pillows

  • Seat & back cushions


Delivery & Installation

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